Motorcycle Tours

New friends from around the world and all the secrets of the routes to self guided and fully supported tours

We have different tours for all types of riders. you can choose to do it all by yourself and just get a bike from us. or maybe go easier and safer and solve all the little complications of looking for hotels and safe parking in remote cities and choose our Fly and Ride packages.

But for those who want to know all the best corners of the routes and complete relax while riding in exotic places and beautiful landscapes, the fully guided tours are a great option.

If you have a group of friend and a limited schedule, remember there is always the option of private tours with total flexibility to your comfort.


Traditional way to ride and meet new people while you enjoy the easy path of a well know route and the extra security of a skilled guide in front and a support truck in the back.

Fly & Ride

Keep all your freedom, enjoy doing the day in your own way. The motorcycle will be waiting for you and you will also receive a complete “travel guide” with the safe/scenic route day by day, and a guide to arrive to the hotel which will be pre paid and with safe parking for your bike.


Rent a Motorcycle, free miles and papers for international border crossing.

Tours 2019 / 2020

Chile, Argentina and Bolivia in a fantastic tour
Chile And Argentina and a great selection of the Patagonia
The driest desert of the world and human heritage (Chile)
Experience the real Patagonia, Chile and Argentina show an endowment south
Trough the Andes mountains get all the best of North Patagonia (Chile and Argentina)

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