Chile & Bolivia (Uyuni Salt Flat)

The most arid desert in the world and the biggest salt flat in the planet on one in a lifetime ride

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05 Jun
Chile & Bolivia (Uyuni Salt Flat
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Full Tour Included

Chile & Bolivia (Uyuni Salt Flat)

Full Tour Base Pricing US$xxx

Self Guided Tour Base Pricing US$xxx

*on Honda CB500X


Tour Includes:

+Motorcycle rent with unlimited kilometers
+Accommodations in nice 3-4 star hotels/guest houses
+All breakfast and 2 x dinner
+Support vehicle with bilingual guide/driver
+Basic mechanic service by guide/driver
+Tools, tire repair kit, spare parts
+Satellite phone in support vehicle
+All bikes with basic crash protection
+Tank bag and/or pannier
+International liability insurance
+All border crossing documents if needed
+Specified RoadBook and map


Also avaible as Moto+Rest

(Self guided, Road Book, all Hotels Prepaid,
and Technicall Support over the phone)


Select the Motorcycle of your preference.

All our bikes came equiped and ready for the routes with no limit of Kilometers/Miles

Motorcycle Choice
Guided Tour us$ Self Guided Ride+Rest us$
CB500x $xxxx $xxxx
BMW f750GS $xxxx $xxxx
BMW f850GS $xxxx $xxxx
Honda Africa Twin $xxxx $xxxx
BMW R1250GS $xxxx $xxxx
Pillion (passanger) $xxxx $xxxx
Extra for Single Room $xxxx $xxxx
Full Truck $xxxx $xxxx

*the bike of your preference have to be confirmed via email

**Limited disponibility of bikes per model. 

(check our rental page for motorcycle equipment)

Day 1- Arrive to Antofagasta

Enjoy the capital of Chile while you arrive in Santiago.

After you arrived in the seaside town of Antofagasta, we meet in the afternoon
to complete the bike papers and introduce you to your bike. There is time to fit the bike to your choosing and mount all the parts that you like to have to make
your ride comfortable.

For riders with our Self Guided Tour System, Moto+Rest, your hotel is included in the package, enjoy your room, rest and call us to coordinate your bike pick up.

Your intra-Chile flights can be booked through or or

Santiago airport (SCL)

Antofagasta airport (ANF)

Day 2- Antofagasta to Iquique

After a great nigth of rest you will start the ride next to the Pacific Ocean, The route is twisty and fun full of corners for a nice picture and even for a good swimg.

We hope you had a nice dinner at the many restaurants in Antofagasta. Today you will start your ride along the Pacific Ocean. The road is twisty and fun, with lots of stops for photos or a swim in the Pacific Ocean.

Tocopilla makes for a good lunch stop with fresh seafood. Before reaching Iquique you will see the huge sand dune in the background of the town.

Day 3- Iquique to Oruro (Bolivia)

Be prepared for a day with dramatic changes, start on the ocean level to go up to 4.000 m over sea level and your first border crossing to Bolivia.

The vast of the desert and the incredible landscapes of the Andes Mountains will make for a unique day.

Day 4- Oruro to Potosi

Bolivia, a hidden gem only a few tourists are coming to explore this country. Be aware of the traffic in town and enjoy the simplicity of the people. For the night you are staying in Potosi a town at the base of the Cerro Rico Mountain (Rich Mountain) whose silver wealth made Potosí one of the largest cities in the world in the early 17th century and whose silver and tin deposits the city is still dependent on today.

Day 5- Pototsi to Uyuni

If you are interested you should visit one of the silver mines around Potosi in the morning.

We call it “The Tail of the Guanaco” a very twisty road that brings a smile on every ones face. This road is made for motorcycles. Watch out for wild life on or next to the road. When you reach the town of Uyuni early you could take a little side trip to visit the old rusty steam train grave yard just outside of town. The dry air preserved the massive steel engines beautifully.

Day 6- Uyuni (rest day to explore the salt flat)

For two nights you will experience an incredible view from the hotel overlooking the largest salt flat in the world, the Salar de Uyuni. This unique hotel is made entirely out of salt bricks. The walls, the furniture, even the beds are made from salt.

At 3650m the Salar de Uyuni is your playground for the day. Enjoy every minute! Riding on salt is so much fun.

The Salar de Uyuni looks like a frozen lake. It is almost free of animals and birds and only some flamingos settled in this unreal land scape. The Salar is characterized by snow white salt, rock formations and the cactus covered island “Incahuasi”, almost in the center of the lake. Visit this island and be amazed about the 100 and more year’s old cactus on this island.

The Salar is dry from June to December except of some water holes and even trucks can drive on the thick salt crust.

Day 7- Uyuni to Calama

Today´s ride start with crossing the “Puna”, the high plateau or the high desert, in the Andes. The vast emptiness change with incredible rock formations.

Around lunch time you reach the border to Chile in Ollague. The heavenly road down to Calama begins at 4000 m. You pass through several salt flats with incredible wild life. Watch for Guanacos, Lamas, Alpacas and even Flamingos.

The desert city of Calama is located in the middle of the Atacama Desert. This mining town with an annual rainfall of 0 mm is one of the driest places on earth with no vegetation around the city.

Nearby is Chuquicamata the largest open pit coper mine in the world. Calama is not a decidedly tourist town. However, a tour of the huge copper mine is impressive.

Day 8- Calama to San Pedro de Atacama (Tatio Gaisers)

It´s a short riding day today to San Pedro de Atacama. So, yes you could take a guided tour through the coper mine Chuquicamata, or take a side trip to the Geysers of Tatio before arriving in San Pedro de Atacama. After you settled in your hotel, stroll through town and enjoy a delicious dinner at the many restaurants in town

Day 9- San Pedro de Atacama (rest/exploration day)

Explore San Pedro and the surrounding attractions.

Visit the nature reserve for flamingos at the salt lakes. Another great ride is Lake Miscanti. At 3890m you look at a colorful scene. The blue lake and the surrounding yellow grass, mixed with the orange sand is fantastic. And Valle de Luna for the sunset. With the soft light of the sun going down, the Valley is glowing and becomes surreal. The bizarre dune formations with the white tips look like frozen in time. You think, snow in the desert? The white on top of the dunes and on the road is salt.

Or enjoy the Spa and a relaxed day at the hotel and in San Pedro.

Day 10- San Pedro de Atacama to Antofagasta

Of course there is a comfortable asphalt road back to the Pacific Ocean but we like to show you how it is to ride on a salt road. Dirt mixed with salt makes a fantastic ride. We riding the driest desert in the world, crossing now the “Cordillera de la Sal” one of the biggest salt mining operations is, before arriving back to Antofagasta. Try one of the restaurants and enjoy a finger licking grilled octopus dinner.

Day 11- Departure

What an incredible adventure you just finished, congratulation!

Fare well for now until next time you come to explore more of the marvelous and breathtaking nature of Chile, Argentina and Patagonia.

Have a safe return! *

*Alternative of 4 extra days to do La Paz (Capital of Bolivia), Lake Titicaca and the world famous Road of death. (Please contact us for more details)

Motorcycles avaibles for this tour

1 BMW R1250gs
2 BMW F850gs
3 BMW F750gs
4 Honda Africa Twin
5 Honda CB500X
1 BMW R1250gs

BMW R1250gs

2 BMW F850gs

BMW F850gs

3 BMW F750gs

BMW F750gs

4 Honda Africa Twin

Honda Africa Twin

5 Honda CB500X

Honda CB500X


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